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    Use the advanced search options provided e.g. year, color, car truck& service etc. To view more details of the car, please click on the photo and you’ll see the details in the next page.Prices appearing on the website are free on board (FOB) prices. FOB does not include shipping charge to the port of destination. If you add your destination port and country, the C&F or CIF price (shipping cost inclusive price) will appear automatically.


Receiving Proforma Invoice & Payment(T/T)

After receiving the Proforma Invoice, we advise you to check the following points:

  • Make sure the Proforma Invoice includes VIN/Chassis No. of the Item
  • Whether or not the payment due date is what you agreed with
  • If you want to change contents of Proforma Invoice (Price, payment due date, conditions etc), please ask the Seller for an amended Proforma Invoice.

If you complete the wire transfer at the bank,  you should send a copy of the T/T slip to the Seller right away. And please wait for payment confirmation and shipping updates from the Seller. when the Seller has confirmed your payment, the Seller will send you a message.



  • Shipping schedule: Once the shipping schedule of your item is fixed, the Seller will send you message with the estimated time of departure
  • Sending original document: After the Seller complete the shipment, he/she will send you the original document (Bill of Lading, Invoice, etc).
    He/she will notify you when he/she dispatches the document with courier tracking number.


duty-free certification from the USFK CCO

  • (a) Individuals must bring the original bill of lading, purchase invoice, US Government orders, Letter of Employment, (USFK Form 700-19 A-R-E), US passport, and valid identification card to the CCO(USFK Customs Customs Clearance Officer), Incheon or Daegu, depending on port of entry or where SOFA member is stationed. If necessary, proof of legal disposition of present/previous owned POV or an Exception to policy for 2nd POV (if applicable) will be required. Individuals must have more than180 days remaining in Korea. The imported POV must be in port.
  • (b) The CCO will review and certify (with his signature, CCO stamp, embossed seal), the ROK Import Customs Declaration Form, bill of lading, invoice, and accompanied documents.
  • (c) The individual or his authorized agent will deliver these documents to the Korea Customs House at the port of entry of the POV. Import documents will be issued and the POV will be released. The member must register the POV with his Area USFK Provost Marshal Vehicle Registration office within 10 days.

Customs Clearance

After duty-free certification from the USFK CCO, the individual or his agent will hire a Customs broker to prepare the Korea Customs Import/Export Form (must be electronically completed by a certified Customs broker) and deliver these documents to the Korea Customs office at the port of entry where final import documents will be issued. The individual will be able to pick up the cargo from the carrier’s warehouse. All expenses (e.g., storage fee, document handling charge, Customs broker’s fee, etc.,) must be paid in cash to each commercial agency for processing and release of the item(s).

Get  drive plates

  1. Cover a vehicle insurance
  2. Get  drive Plates
  3. Pick the vehicle up at the port