POV shipment at personal expense

Feel Free to contact the blow shipping company For a shipment of your vehicle from  USA to Pyeongtaek-Port Korea.

  • http://www.eukor.com 
    EUKOR operates a large and modern fleet of specialised Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC), embracing some of the largest vessels in the world – annually transporting in excess of four million cars equivalents worldwide through our global network of offices and agents.
  • http://www.kline.co.jp
    Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) — Pioneer in Automobile Transport As a pioneer in the transport of automobiles using pure car carriers (PCC), “K” Line provides services for the safe and timely transport of completely built-up cars (CBU). “K” Line entered the CBU transport service in 1970 with the Toyota Maru No. 10, Japan’s first PCC. Since then, we have steadily upgraded our fleet to raise transport quality even further.
  • http://www.nykline.com
    During its 120-plus years in business, the NYK Group has evolved from a group based on maritime transport to a comprehensive logistics provider that now offers services by sea, land, and air.http://www.nykroro.com/customer/nyk-agents-office-details.html

Check Points

You should double check on the B/L

    • Vehicle identification number(VIN)

    • Port of Discharge – PYEONGTAEK or PYUNGTAEK or PYONGTAEK, in Korea, South

      We can serve for you after getting the B/L issued by a carrier (or his agent), Please send to us a copy of B/L by e-mail, If you want me to take care of it!


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