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2015 PCS Peak Season

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea — As all service branches watch March come to a close, the shipping world for personal property and Privately Own Vehicle moves prep for the upcoming 2015 PCS peak season.  In response the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command has published the below advisory for POVs and the preparation/expectation for the peak season ahead.  This advisory is very informative, and will definitely have you ready for your move this summer.

1. This advisory provides all Service Members, DoD civilian employees, Service Headquarters and PPSO/PPO with information necessary for planning the shipment and storage of a POV during the 2015 Peak Season.

2. Peak Season is extremely busy, with higher than normal volumes of POV shipments occurring between the months of May and September.

3. Diligent planning, attention to detail, and flexibility are key elements to reducing the stress of a peak season move.  Being an informed customer is always wise before utilizing any service or provider.  Below are several recommendations based on previous peak season lessons learned:

a. Once you receive orders, immediately begin planning your move.

b. Contact the Seoul Vehicle Processing Center for assistance with a POV shipment transit times for planning purposes.  (82) 02-798-7036 or Seoul.VPC@ialpov.us

c. The Seoul VPC will assist in counseling customers and providing guidance on POV shipments and authorized Vehicle Processing Centers pick-up locations (DTR Part IV, Attachment K3) and POV Storage (DTR Part IV, Attachment K4).

d. For additional information and global VPC locations for turn-in/pick-up review the https://www.pcsmypov.com website.

4. As International Auto Logistics begins its second year as the Global POV contractor, the following will aid customers in planning, shipping, tracking POVs, and contacting the Global POV contractor:

a.  Customers can obtain detailed information on the shipment and storage of their POV from the IAL website at: https://www.pcsmypov.com

b. Based on entitlements, in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulations, Chapter 5, Paragraph 5350, POVs can be turned in at the closest VPC to the member’s duty station, or any VPC between the old and new duty stations. Locations and contact information for contractor operated VPCs can be found at https://www.pcsmypov.com/locations.

c. POV Turn-In Procedures: IAL does not require an appointment to accept the turn-in of a POV at the VPC. A majority of POVs are handled on a walk-in basis. However, IAL recommends the use of the appointment system, which can be scheduled at https://www.pcsmypov.com/turnin or by calling the VPC. Customers are required to provide a valid email address which must be accessible 24/7.  IAL’s webpage provides additional information to assist in the smooth processing of a customer’s POV, to include all necessary documentation for POV turn-in and shipment. Printing, completing and bringing the “IAL Shipping Instruction Form” with you to the VPC will expedite the turn-in process.

d. Tracking POVs: Customers may check the status of their POV by selecting “ITV Lookup” from the IAL Homepage at https://www.pcsmypov.com.  Customers must enter their Shipping Instruction Number. The Vehicle Tracking screen will provide transit information, including the required delivery date.

e. POV Pick-Up Procedures: To ensure the POV is available for pick-up, customers must have received a notification from the VPC and/or contacted the VPC and received confirmation that the vehicle is available for pickup.  Procedures for picking up a POV are also found on IAL’s website under the “Pick Up” tab.

f. POV Storage Procedures: All pertinent information for POV storage may be found at https://www.pcsmypov.com/storage. Additionally, customers are asked to review the requirements of the DTR, Part IV, Attachment K4, Storing Your POV, Section H, “Member Responsibilities”.

g. IAL’s Customer Service toll free number is 855-389-9499.  This number will reach a call center that is operated 24/7.  Customers can also contact the VPC locations directly by calling the phone numbers provided on IAL’s website as indicated below.

5. During the processing of your POV (both at drop off and pick up), you are highly encouraged to complete an IAL Customer Comment Card. Your feedback is vital to the program, and helps assess the quality of the services provided, and identify opportunities for improvement.

6. Issue Resolution: Customers should address questions and concerns with the IAL VPC Manager or IAL Customer Service, toll free (855) 389-9499, or with SDDC at: usarmy.sddc.mbx.ppty@mail.mil. For additional assistance with questions and concerns, SDDC may be contacted at usarmy.scott.sddc.mbx.pov-ig-response@mail.mil.

7. This is a coordinated SDDC and IAL advisory and is approved for release by Capt. Aaron K. Stanley, Director Personal Property, HQ SDDC.


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