POV Delivery

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POV Delivery

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea — For individuals and families shipping their vehicles to and from Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, they may unfortunately experience a delay in their scheduled POV required delivery date. Complaints are surfacing DOD wide about a new contractor that recently took over the process of shipping service members’ POVs to and from overseas locations.

Officials with the new POV contractor, International Auto Logistics, of Brunswick, Ga., said they have taken steps to improve their customer service and to ease the financial burden of troops who incur expenses because their POVs have been delayed. Most of the problems stemmed from issues in the first two weeks of the new contract, they said.

The breadth of complaints is unclear. But some troops have said their cars are being delayed, they can’t get information about where their vehicles are, have experienced problems accessing the online tracking system and have had difficulty reaching anyone at the company’s headquarters.

The U.S. Transportation Command at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., has received some complaints as well, although an exact number was not immediately available.

“We are aware some service members are facing delays in the delivery of their vehicles, and we appreciate their understanding that this is a new contract, less than three months old,” said Cynthia Bauer, a spokeswoman for the command.

“We are not aware of any cars being lost under the new contract,” she said. “IAL has been transparent regarding each challenge they have faced during this transition period. We are confident, and IAL has assured us, they will continue to improve.”

She noted that IAL has added staff to both call and vehicle processing centers and enhanced service members’ ability to track vehicle status online.

Quick factoids for Osan AB personnel in reference to POV delays and inconvenience claims to be filed with the local Finance Office:

– Finance is only authorized to reimburse first seven days after the scheduled RDD, or first date vehicle is available
– Seven day authorization is for $30 per day (max entitlement $210)
– Reimbursement is claimed by filing a voucher, similar to other reimbursement request.
– Member is required to provide their DD Form 788 showing POV available date vs. RDD
– Member is required to provide a copy of their rental car contract
– Finance will only process reimbursement voucher after member has picked up their POV

IAL’s Claims department is responsible for all additional claims past the initial seven days which exceed the member’s entitlement. This may include continued vehicle rental and lodging, but is subject to consideration and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The responsible Vehicle Processing Center for Osan AB is Seoul (Camp Kim). They can be contacted using the following numbers:
Commercial Phone: (02)798-7031 or (02)798-7032
DSN Phone: 315-723-8912 or 315-723-8916

For appointments and general information, SDDC advises troops and families to call IAL toll free at 855-389-9499 (option 2), or visit www.pcsmypov.com. Customers can email SDDC’s staff at the digital hotline at army.sddc.safb.ppcf@mail.mil


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