Get the car if it has arrived


Get the car if it has arrived – DO NOT show up in Yongsan with just orders and expect to get your car. First stop is DBIDS at Humphreys to get the packet with step by step instructions on how to register a vehicle. The following is a rough idea of the process:
– Go to to create an appointment to pick up the POV.
– Get temporary plates from the Pyongtaek DMV. This is a $40 cab fare so try to get a ride from the sponsor. We learned the hard way that Pyeongtaek city is the size of a county.
– Use the inter-post bus for less than $10 to go to Yongsan. The schedule is in the Humphrey Happenings and the pickup is at the USO.
– Pick up the POV and get gas in it ASAP. Download the app: Waze. This is a map application that will help get you to the gas station in Yongsan. Search for the “AAFES Yongsan Gas Station.”
– Go to the auto skills center next to the PX at Camp Humphreys to get the car inspected.
– Go to the DMV with the inspection paperwork to get your official license plate. If the license plate doesn’t fit, they will drill holes in it for you
– Head back to DBIDS to get a permanent gate pass. The POV has to be available for the personnel at DBIDS to apply the sticker to the windshield.


Sign at the Pyeongtaek DMV

Get a Korean Driver’s license – Go Here to learn more about POV’s in South Korea.



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