How to register a motorcycle in Korea.

How to register a motorcycle in Korea.


1.Get the following paperwork  when buying your bike or scooter


(1). Certificate of Ownership (ingam jeungyeongso-인감증명서),

(2). Title Transfer Form (yangdo jeungyeongso- 양도증명서)

(3). Release of Ownership Letter (sayong peji jeungyeongso- 사용폐지증명서).


2,Take the above 3 documents, along with your passport, foreigner ID card and proof of insurance and International Driver’s Permit to your local city hall’s “Department of Traffic Administration-교통행정과”

Bikes 125cc and below are taxed at 2% of their sale value. 250cc and above are taxed 3% and scooters below 50cc may not be taxed at all.

3.You will receive a new title for the bike after registering. If you are registering a bike in a different jurisdiction than the one you purchased it in, you will receive a new plate as well. Now you are ready to ride legally!



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